GT WING 〜Hyper Narrow〜(1360mm)

素材 価格(本体価格) 品番
CARBON ¥170,000(税抜き) VGW04-136-AC92


※E92M3 coupe is for exclusive use.
 /The mount bracket for exclusive use of the E92M3 genuine trunk is
  put on.
 /Perforator processing is necessary for a trunk.


※The person purchasing it with lightweight trunk food can make additional reinforcement on trunk food.
Specifically, please see a page of the lightweight trunk food.


→綾織(※T/Twilled weave)
→平織(※P/Plain weave)

≪For E92 M3 Coupe of special order service≫

About the special order service of the E92M3 coupe.On the surface of the VRS carbon product that use special twill fabrics carbon for all. To the genuine roof of the E92M3 coupe, 3K plain weave carbon is adopted. Therefore, we accept an order of service to produce the surface in 3K plain weave in particular.
Please appoint it with 3K plain weave specifications at the time of an order by all means.